Commercial Snow Plowing Service

Fast Track performs snow plowing, snow removal and ice management for corporate, industrial, retail and other commercial businesses. Our company goal is to ensure the safety of your site through the winter season. We service Mishawaka, Granger and South Bend.

To keep your business running smoothly and safely you need snow plowing available to you at any time of day the snow decides to fall. Our team of plow truck drivers understand this and prepare themselves to face and conquer the worst that winter has to offer every day, all day.

Dedicated Routes

Our plow truck drivers have dedicated routes in the Michiana area. You will have the same driver all season, which helps maintain the high standards that you expect from a commercial plow service. When heavy snows or your property size demand it we will send a larger crew to get you cleared out.

Our crew are experienced equipment operators. They work with excavators in the spring and summer and know how to be precise and careful. They are extensively trained on snow removal techniques and experienced with all of our snow plowing equipment

Get a Free Estimate

To find out what it would take to keep your business parking areas safe this winter, get in touch with us for an estimate. We will come by to discuss what your needs are for snow plowing and/or removal and ice management. We can also go over any potential concerns that you may have or details that we would need to address in your area before they would become a problem later. Communication is very important to us, never hesitate to contact us with any issues or concerns.

Snow Plowing and Removal Equipment

We have all the necessary equipment for commercial snow plowing and removal. Our summer work is in excavation so we have a variety of equipment to put to use as well as our plow trucks. Make your winter worries disappear with our genuinely great service.

About Our Commercial Snow Plowing Services

As a business owner you can’t avoid the need for a safe parking lot. We make sure your employees and customers can arrive, park and walk safely to your facility during the winter. If you’re in the Michiana Area Fast Track can tackle snow plowing and removal for you, so that you may tackle what you do best: running your business.

Do We Offer Commercial Snow Removal & Plowing Near You?
We serve commercial clients in much of the Michiana Area. This area of cities includes,

  • Elkhart, IN
  • Mishawaka, IN
  • South Bend, IN
  • Goshen, IN
  • Granger, IN
  • Osceola, IN
  • Edwardsburg, MI
  • Niles, MI
  • Benton Harbor, MI
  • Union, MI

If you are unsure whether or not we serve your region, please give us a call!


Great Customer Service

We at Fast Track take pride in performing commercial snow removal services and approach each job with the utmost dedication, dependability and professionalism. We have all the needed equipment for every clients needs, including snow plowing, snow removal or deicing.

Our customer service is top notch, we are always ready to discuss your needs before, during and after the snow. Snow fall changes every year around this region so it is not uncommon to discuss varying needs throughout the winter season.

We are Insured

Make that, we are properly insured! Typical auto insurance plans won’t cover snow plowing accidents. Unfortunately, many of the fly-by-night plow trucks out there are improperly educated and therefore under-insured. We’re properly insured for snow plowing, and not just liability.

Dedicated Services

We have the ability to provide more than just plowing. Dedicated lot pushers and equipment located all around the Michiana area help us to clear all of our clients snow quickly. We have a fleet of equipment at our hands to handle even the largest commercial snow plowing jobs. This also helps every one of our clients to receive the fastest service, instead of waiting according to your order of importance as some plow companies do. We know that every business we serve is a valuable part of the community.

Contact Us to discuss your commercial needs and see why everyone is so happy with Fast Track Excavating, LLC’s Commercial Plowing Services.