Civil Excavation Contractor

Fast Track Excavating, LLC strives to be your choice in heavy civil contractors. Our safety, quality, efficiency, character and respect are always present. We bring the best value to developers, Municipalities, General Contractor and every client that we interact with. With a consistent focus on these goals, we have grown into a reputable company in Mishawaka, IN. We also provide services to South Bend, IN, Elkhart, IN and the surrounding cities that make up Michiana.

civil_excavation_contractorPrivate Site Development

With the Michiana area’s growing need for schools, housing and commercial development, Fast Track Excavating, LLC is dedicated to the development of our communities infrastructures. We take pride in performing quality civil excavation services affordably, on schedule and without injury. We consistently project a professional manner on site with area residents, general contractors and everyone involved in the project. We are working everyday to establish relationships with our clients.


They are’nt making any more land, so demolition of existing buildings to make way for new ones is becoming more common. Old homes may need to be demolished and removed to get clean sites for schools, outdated buildings sometimes need to be taken down to make way for a new grocery store or a road way that needs expansion. We are qualified and experienced in demolishing and removing any structure with safety, and we keep environmental control as a top priority.


Green construction is an important part of modern construction projects. We can salvage and reuse onsite materials with the future project to keep the rubble out of landfills. We can haul out concrete and asphalt for recycling. It can be crushed to any size, for any application. Fast Track Excavating, LLC has the resources to transform a project into a green accomplishment.

civil_excavation_contractorUnderground Utilities

Underground utility construction has a vital role in the completion of any project. Fast Track Excavating, LLC is an experienced, knowledgeable team which reduces the risks associated with underground construction. We excavate for installation of underground utilities safely, efficiently, and productively. From small open cut trenches to deep excavations requiring shoring, we have confident, competent contractor crews qualified to dig out any underground utility.

Public Works

When the need to expand and rebuild the nation’s public infrastructure arises, Fast Track Excavating, LLC has proven itself capable of taking on the challenge. As a general contractor we perform traffic control, earthwork, underground utilities, hauling, and managing any sub-contractors required to complete the projects. We have readily accepted this opportunity from many municipalities. We have ambitions to perform even larger, more complex projects and know that we will play an integral role in the civil excavation field.