Construction Excavation Contractor


We at Fast Track Excavating, LLC are all fans of construction in all of it’s many forms. There is always a need for a dependable, affordle construction excavator in South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart and the surrounding cities that make up Michiana. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured in our area and perform many services for companies and homeowners all over the region. We can assist with any and all aspects of construction excavation and habe a list of happy clients to prove it.

It may be a home addition, demolition, driveway widening, dirt removal, a new home site excavation, basement excavation or excavation in a space-constrained location. It’s alright, we have the equipment to get your job done safely, on budget and on time. We perform any type of demolition that can be completed with our equipment and dump trucks. Your job may be simple, like breaking and removing concrete sidewalks and driveways, or more complicated jobs that require some real skill. We can clear and grade job sites including small clearing, grubbing and grading jobs or anything else you need the equipment and crew for.


Before breaking ground, Fast Track Excavating, LLC crews will engage in detailed pre-construction activities. We carefully consider all the needs for clients and institute value engineering when able. We can help you take advantage of cost saving processes and more efficient excavation methods. We verify design translation to construction excavation, and provide detailed estimates and schedules to help clients with project management, budgets and planning. Our history of completing work on or before schedule saves you money and speaks for itself with our many repeat clients. They always appreciate our proactive approach to construction excavation.

Earthwork and Utilities

We provide straightforward, safe and reliable earthwork services in support of developers. Mass and/or structural excavation, site and subgrade building preparation, materials handling, grading, utilities, and frontage improvements. If and when a project site presents challenges because of location or other conditions, we work dilligently to create solutions that will allow work to continue for all crews on site. We own and meticulously maintain an impressive fleet of equipment. That eliminates the cost of and need to compete for rentals. It also allows us to control the equipment schedule and get your construction excavation done on time.