Sewer / Utilities Excavation Contractor

Fast Track Excavating, LLC is a leading family owned and operated sewer and underground utility excavation contractor. We are based in Mishawaka, IN and operate in the greater Michiana area. Our crews always focus on bringing excellent, affordable and reliable service to our valued customers in South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart and surrounding cities. You may be a contractor business looking for assistance with utility excavation in Michiana, a homeowner looking to install a new sewer system or a builder that needs the whole works. We are a sewer and underground utilitiies excavation contractor that will give you exceptional work without going over budget.

Excavation for Sewer Line & Water Line Installs & Repair, Water Mains, Minor Utility Relocations or Adjustments & More


We are comfortable on site for a new build, replacement jobs, basically any underground utility job you can send along, we’re prepared. There are a variety of reasons to call upon our services and no job is too big or too small for our experienced and friendly sewer and utility excavation crews. Sewer work, excavation and underground utilities are some of our companies specialties, we take tremendous pride in our ability to service a wide range of different underground contracting projects. If there is a sewer or utility excavation service you need that requires our expertise and equipment, we can probably help you out for a reasonable price.

Small residential digging projects, custom home site utility preparation and large site projects, we can get started right away and get you moving forward. We can and will excavate sites for homes, apartment buildings, underground parking, steep slope sites and anywhere else you need underground utilities. We also know that there is more to excavating than digging a hole. We work with other contractors on site to ensure the process is safely performed to the needed specifications.

We work on sewers that are trenched, not trenchless systems. There are some advantages to trenchless sewer repair and relining, but there are disadvantages as well. Trenchless systems and relining do not consider dips from settling, sink holes or connections to your sewer line that you weren’t aware of, they get blocked.

Trenching a line into place ensures that everything will be placed and connected exactly the way you need and allows us to identify any settling or sink holes created from the old lines. It may be cheaper to have a new sewer installed as opposed to relining an old sewer if you do not have lots of concrete and serious landscaping to replace after trenching the area. We can also cut the street for sewer and water taps if needed. We are happy to help you evaluate the best option for you.

We are happy to excavate and expose electric, gas cable and phone lines, but we do not install those utilities as we do with sewer and water excavation. We also bed the areas for these utilities very well so that they won’t end up settling on you and creating dips and sink holes on your property.