Snow Plowing Mishawaka – South Bend – Elkhart

snow removal companies mishawka inWe are dependable and reliable, unlike the Michiana weather. If you are in Mishawaka, South Bend or Elkhart and are looking to hire a company for snow plowing and removal from your property, home or business you came to the right place!

At Fast Track Excavating, LLC, we offer fast, reliable snow plowing services that you can afford. We will quickly and safely remove snow and ice from parking lots, storefronts, businesses, homes, and driveways. If the snow falls, it must be removed! We have the means to do that efficiently and with care. Our reliable equipment and dependable employees will be out in the worst weather that a Michiana winter can bring. Give us the opportunity to earn your business this winter and we will show you a hassle free snow plowing service.

Mishawaka Snow Plowing Services – Snow Removal by Fast Track Excavating

Planning ahead for snow removal is critical for ensuring a spot on our routes. When the snow starts falling this year, we will be ready and scheduled to plow your commercial lots.

snow plowing mishawaka

Fast Track provides prompt, efficient snow removal services for all commercial properties, not just those listed below:

  • Condominium Complexes
  • Apartments
  • Subdivisions
  • Office Buildings
  • Parking Lots
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Streets
  • Alleys
  • Residential Driveways

We dispatch many trucks during a typical snow event. Talk to a Fast Track representative for more information on these services and to take advantage of early season signup rates. We take care of the snow for you, including hauling away snow if needed.

Plan ahead for snow removal to ensure a spot on our driver routes. We only service as many clients as we can with our fleet. We don’t overbook so we can handle even the toughest of Michiana weather.
Our fleet currently provides professional snow removal services to dozens of properties and we have room left on the schedule for you!

Just like you we have no tolerance for snow on of our client properties. If you need a professional snow removal company, then you need Fast Track Excavating. During Mishawaka’s worst winters we keep your parking lots, streets and driveways clear of snow. We offer affordable rates and are available 24/7. Winter storms are unpredictable, get ahead of the storms by contacting us.

Fast Track has years of experience in plowing and snow removal in Mishawaka & surrounding communities. We have the equipment needed to guarantee snow removal is done promptly and at an affordable price.

Contact Us for more information on these services and to take advantage of early season signup rates.

snow removal mishawakaCommercial Plowing Services

You are looking for a RELIABLE snow removal company. We are that company. Keeping your commercial property clear of snow is very important. Customers and employees don’t want to worry about getting stuck in the parking lot or slipping on the surface. We can come out numerous times during a snow storm to make sure your lots stay clear! Many snow removal contractors only want to come when the snow storm is finished.

We can also set you up to receive notifications via text that your sidewalks and lot are clear. If there is an abundance of snow in a season and the piles are intruding on your parking spots or there is nowhere left to push snow, we offer a service that hauls the snow away! We have all the heavy equipment needed thanks to our excavation services. Read More

Residential Driveways

The difference between our residential snow plowing and other snow removal contractors is that we very rarely tear up your yard in the process. The easy way is to drop your plow all the way down and push across the grass but that will rip up your yard every time. We try to avoid that and the quality we put into our service keeps clients calling. We believe in quality work and that is why when we come remove your snow at your residential home we keep it clean.

Business PARKING LOT Plowing

We know how important it is to keep your parking lot cleared for your customers. We plow business parking lots all over the Michiana area to keep businesses like yours clear of snow for customers. No one wants to pull into a parking lot that hasn’t been plowed. You can’t find the lines to park, you may slip on snow and ice, not a good situation to leave your customers in. We are up and ready every time it snows and will have your parking lot cleared of snow for a minimal fee. If you are in need of a new snow plowing service in Mishawaka, South Bend or Elkhart, we are available to serve you.


When the snow starts coming down really heavy you may run out of room for piles of plowed snow. That’s where we excel over the competition. We are also an excavating company and that means we can excavate those snow mounds and get them out of your parking lot. We have all the necessary equipment ready to roll all winter long. We can load up massive amounts of snow and remove it to another location for you. So if you have snow buildup and need it removed, call the experts at Fast Track Excavating for snow plowing and snow removal services.

snow Plowing Cost

Every account we service has a slightly different cost because the area we are plowing is different. To accurately give you a price quote for snow plowing service, we will need to visit the location and assess the amount of area you have to plow and the time it will take our drivers to plow the snow there. After that initial assesment we can give you an accurate quote on snow plowing services. Most of the people that we have talked to have signed up for our plowing service because we offer great pricing to business plowing and residential plowing customers. We know what you need from us and we are happy to provide the most courteous service in the area. To find out what it will cost for our company to plow your snow, give us a call and we will come by to provide a free estimate on your snow plowing needs.